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Recital Repertoire and Sample Programs:

Debussy Sonata
Cassado Unaccompanied Suite
Schumann Fantasy Pieces
Popper Hungarian Rhapsody
Franck Sonata in A Major


Main Post Wuerzburg, Germany
June 25, 1996

“The fearsome cello solos were played with astonishing lightness.”



Amy Beach Pieces 
Elliot Carter Figment tbd
Elliot Carter Sonata
Leonard Bernstein Mass ( excerpts)
George Walker Sonata


Debussy Sonata
Faure Papillion
Poulenc Sonata
Ravel Habanera or Kaddish
Franck Sonata (Belgium)
Bloch, "Schelomo"
Boccherini Concerto in B-Flat Major
Brahms Concerto for Violin and Cello ("Double")
Dvorak Concerto
Elgar Concerto
Haydn C Major Concerto
Lalo Concerto in D Minor
Prokofiev Sinfonie Concertante
Saint-Saens Concerto No.1 in A Minor
Schumann Concerto
Tchaikovsky Rococo Variations

Pieces with Orchestra:

Bruch, "Kol Nidrei"
Dvorak, "Silent Woods"
Faure, "Elegie"
Popper, "Hungarian Rhapsody"
Tchaikovsky, "Pezzo Capriccioso"


Cassado Solo Suite
Ravel Habanera
Ginastera Pampeana
Piazzola Oblivion
Casals Song of the Birds
Piazzola Grand Tango


Prokofiev Sonata
Shostakovich Sonata
Miaskovsky Sonata

Additional Repertoire (partial listing):

Bach Suites for Unaccompanied Cello
Amy Beach, Selected Works for Cello and Piano
Beethoven Variations (complete)
Beethoven Sonatas 1-5
Boccherini Sonata in A Major 
Brahms Sonatas No.1 and No.2
Britten Sonata for cello and piano
Boulez, Messagesquisse 
Elliot Carter, Figment tbd
Elliot Carter Sonata
Cassado, Suite for Solo Cello
Chopin Nocturne in C-sharp Minor and Polonaise Brilliant
Chopin Sonata
Debussy Sonata
Faure, Elegie, Apres un Reve
Faure Papillion
Franck, Sonata in A Major
Ginastera Pampeana No.2
Gordon Green Rhapsody
Janacek, Pohadka
Mendelssohn Sonatas No.1 and No.2
Miaskovsky Sonata
Piazzola, Grand Tango and selected pieces
Popper, Elfentanz and Hungarian Rhapsody
Poulenc Sonata
Prokofiev Sonata in C Major

Ravel Habanera and Pavane
Ravel Kaddish
Rachmaninoff Sonata
Saint-Saens Sonata in C Minor
Schumann Fantasy Pieces and Five Pieces in Folk-Style
Shostakovich Sonata
Tchaikovsky Pezzo Capriccioso
Vitali Chaconne
Walker Sonata
Webern Pieces
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